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Net Operating Income, Monthly Cash Flow, Cap Rate, and Gross Rent Multiplier - this tool will calculate an estimate for all of these metrics based off of the 50% rule, as well as an estimate of what the property is worth. This tool is designed to evaluate a rental property in under one minute. This blog post explains how this tool can be used.

Property Analysis Tool - this calculator will give you a more in-depth look at a property. Users input the purchase price, repair cost, income details, and annual expenses, and this tool will give you projected income as well as a full breakdown of the expenses. This tool will also give a better estimate of what the value is worth based on your target cap rate.


Refinancing - when will it benefit you, how much additional payment toward your principal should you make, what will your new monthly payment look like down the road? This calculator will let you look at your current loan payment and compare it to a refinanced loan.

Investor annual return, ROI, and management fees - this tool will calculate the returns for up to three investors based on their initial investment, preferred rates, and management fees. Capable of returning data for up to ten investors, this tool was intended for syndication calculations.

Customized Tools


Have you ever wanted to track your debt versus equity? What about seeing a snapshot of where you might be five years down the road? Ten years down the road?

Someone asked me to build a spreadsheet for tracking 100 properties that he owns, so I went ahead and put a tool together for him. After I finished fine-tuning it, he gave me permission to share it with everyone else.

Feel free to use it, and remember that I'm always an e-mail away from customizing your own tools!


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